Collage Through The Ages

When I think of collage, my mind goes first to Picasso and Braque, particularly Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" (1907) and Braque's, "Houses at l'Estaque (1908). These works are referred to as Cubist works, a name applied as an insult by critics as so many Avant-garde artists works were. The term "papier collé" was coined by … Continue reading Collage Through The Ages

Vancouver Art Gallery’s art auction goes online June 1 to 15

The Vancouver Art Gallery has announced that Spring Forward, its annual art auction, will go online this year. The fundraising event, held in partnership with the Heffel Fine Art Auction House, will take place from June 1 to 15. Interested parties can preview the artworks starting May 28. Also happening at the VAG right now … Continue reading Vancouver Art Gallery’s art auction goes online June 1 to 15

93 Year Old Czech Artist

A tiny village of Louka in the Czech Republic is a perfect example. Thanks to one talented resident it literally blossoms every day. 93-year-old artistic grandma just wanted to transform this place, giving it a national charm. Despite her age, Agnes has been painting the houses in her village every spring and summer for 40 … Continue reading 93 Year Old Czech Artist

How five creators define ‘adult animation’

"What is adult animation? The phrase has starkly different connotations from ‘adult cinema,’ and not everyone we have interviewed is a fan of the label. That said, this is a term that is widely used, both within the animation industry and among audiences, especially as the number of announced adult animated projects had doubled in … Continue reading How five creators define ‘adult animation’

U.K. Woman Makes Stunning Banana Art

Anna Chojnicka never intended to become a banana artist. But in March 2020 when she became sick with a suspected case of coronavirus and was self-isolating at her London, England home, she started to go "a little bit stir crazy."  "The result was banana art," Chojnicka told As It Happens guest host Nil Koksal. "It's now been almost 400 bananas." … Continue reading U.K. Woman Makes Stunning Banana Art