U.K. Woman Makes Stunning Banana Art

Anna Chojnicka never intended to become a banana artist. But in March 2020 when she became sick with a suspected case of coronavirus and was self-isolating at her London, England home, she started to go "a little bit stir crazy."  "The result was banana art," Chojnicka told As It Happens guest host Nil Koksal. "It's now been almost 400 bananas." … Continue reading U.K. Woman Makes Stunning Banana Art

Body Talk: Three Art Shows

While there are a lot of things we’re not allowed to do right now, appreciating art is not one of them, thankfully. Many museums and galleries are still open across the country, with artists, gallerists and curators working hard to ensure that the show does, indeed, go on.  Kudos to those who keep the arts … Continue reading Body Talk: Three Art Shows