Flora and Fauna Intertwine

"Sinuous branches half-submerged in water, fish swimming through the treetops, and plant life spearing small birds compose the intricate entanglements rendered by Teagan White. Through gouache, watercolor, and colored pencil, the artist merges plant and animal life in delicate scenes that focus on the interconnectedness and beauty of the natural world. Having just moved to the … Continue reading Flora and Fauna Intertwine

Painting Vs. Sketching – 5 Main Differences

Sketching and painting are two types of fine art with many differences between them. sketching is the basis of painting, and the opposite is not true. You should be good at sketching if you want to excel as a painter.  This article tries to emphasize the differences between painting and sketching. It can happen when … Continue reading Painting Vs. Sketching – 5 Main Differences

Collage Through The Ages

When I think of collage, my mind goes first to Picasso and Braque, particularly Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" (1907) and Braque's, "Houses at l'Estaque (1908). These works are referred to as Cubist works, a name applied as an insult by critics as so many Avant-garde artists works were. The term "papier collé" was coined by … Continue reading Collage Through The Ages