Old World Money Spell

This money spell has been used for centuries, or so the old wives tales go (and I trust old wives greatly, having seen their awesome power). Old Gypsy Money Spell Not often are we lucky enough to see money spells in action but this one takes place over the course of a moon's cycle.  It works.  … Continue reading Old World Money Spell

Old Gypsy Love Spell

Try this old Transylvanian love spell. Strong and effective, like the gypsy love spells through the ages. Trust me, this one works.  I've had so many friends reap the benefits of its power.  Enjoy, but use with caution.  Love from another can't be "bought" with spell or gold.  This spell clears a wide path so … Continue reading Old Gypsy Love Spell

Gypsies -The Romany People Diversity and the Travelers

The Romany are as diverse a people as any other cultural group, but share many things in common with each other.  Their traveling lifestyles were born of necessity, early in their history earning their living from selling their talents and wares as they traveled from village to village and marketplaces between. Telling fortunes, repairing goods, … Continue reading Gypsies -The Romany People Diversity and the Travelers