Old Gypsy Love Spell

Try this old Transylvanian love spell. Strong and effective, like the gypsy love spells through the ages.

Trust me, this one works.  I’ve had so many friends reap the benefits of its power.  Enjoy, but use with caution.  Love from another can’t be “bought” with spell or gold.  This spell clears a wide path so that love may happen.   – EG

For as love is divine, so are the lovers.

In a mortar crush the herbs, mix them together with a chunk of rose quartz or some powdered rose quartz.

       Two sprigs Sage for the “wise of head”
       Send the lovers to their marry bed
       Betony and Basil hold powers that bind,
       Rose quartz to draw the desire of the mind.

Keep the face of your lover in mind at all times, using only positive thought about time with them.  This combination of herbs and the stone seem to be really effective.   

Use the mixture in a small pouch or other sacred container to carry.  When you touch or see it there with you, your thoughts recapture the clear image of the two of you together.  

If alterations feel right to you, be joyous and try them!  Spells are not set in stone, no matter what author or :”authority” might tell you so.  No spell or incantation, no ingredients or ritual is an absolute.  

Your creativity, connected with the inner Spirit, will bring together powerful and useful spells.


© EmeraldGypsy.com
J. Thompson

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