Old World Money Spell

This money spell has been used for centuries, or so the old wives tales go
 (and I trust old wives greatly, having seen their awesome power).

old gypsy money spell
Old Gypsy Money Spell

Not often are we lucky enough to see money spells in action but this one takes place over the course of a moon’s cycle.  It works.  Have no doubt.
I’ve seen it used with coins and with bills.  The higher the amount used, the more wealth returns to you.

The following is how I remember it…

At the full of the moon, place three coins beneath your skirts and take them, hidden, to where the oak tree grows.  Press each to the tree’s rugged armor, drawing the power of the strong tree to your will. 

It will give gladly.   Take the three coins and spend them as quickly as you can, but only on that which brings you joy or makes you smile. Four times (once a week) visit the tree so that you may reconnect with the coins wherever their travels have taken them.

At one month’s end, your coins will have gathered energy and multiplied themselves many times over, bringing you the desired increase in prosperity.   


© EmeraldGypsy.com
J. Thompson

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