Question – My Wife Can’t Cook

My Wife Can’t Cook

She’s taken courses and even had private tutoring.  She can’t cook.  I cook most of our meals and on days I’m so knackered after work, I bring home Take-Out. She thinks she’s a good cook and I haven’t the heart to tell her why I always take over in te kitchen.  Her grub is inedible. 

“Dear Em”

You sound like a dear husband who genuinely cares about his wife’s feelings.  Seems you’re ready to choke the “grub” down just to save her feeling bad about herself.

Perhaps you could try the course routine again, giving her a course for her birthday or holidays. 

You could leave good and simple cookbooks around.  

You could try letting your wall down and cook together.  Pour you each a glass of wine and enjoy the time spent.  She could make the salad while you cook.  The arrangements are endless.  There are likely things she may be adequate or even good at, like chopping or sautéing.

Find each of your best strengths and weaknesses.  Use this as a way to be together in a relaxed and loving way.  

Use it as a whole new start.

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