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Tried and True Oils        

Most pagans, witches and practitioners of healing spirituality use oils, often as a magical tool or a scent. Preparation of oils is an individual experience. Each person imbibes the oil with intent in a very personal way.

There are many complicated methods of making sacred oils. However I believe in simplicity in my magical work, therefore my method of producing ritual oils is easy and works well for me. I use pure olive or vegetable oil. Half fill the bottle which will hold the oil with the fresh or dried herbs, berries or root chosen for the purpose. Fill the bottle with the oil and let it sit in a place that will catch the rays of the full moon. If you choose to use crystals and stones to enhance the oil, put it into the bottle after the oil. You don’t want to break the stone or the bottle. 

Simple and potent, the following are a quick guide for those interested in making their own oils for ritual and magic. 

Rites of Passage Oil – for rituals of naming, menstruation/manhood, hand-fasting and parting. Use thyme for courage and lavender for peace. Incorporate a tiger’s eye stone if possible. 

Consecration Oil – for consecrating tools, altar, new items. Use clover or cinquefoil for protection, ginger for power, yarrow for psychic power. Add a smoky quartz to cleanse negativity. 

Anointing Oil – for entering the Circle and at naming ceremonies. Use cinnamon and sandalwood to strengthen spirituality. Choose an herb for protection that suits the use. Namings would use a stronger protection for the child or adult being named, whereas entrance to a circle or ritual area is protection of the entire area as a whole. Pick your herbs according to the situation. 

Divination Oil – for scrying and readings. Use dandelion or fig for divination. Add obsidian for scrying purposes.


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Janet Thompson
has been writing for over 35 years and is published in many formats including in-print books, print articles, online publications and poetry and erotica collections. Her new age writing covers a wide variety of topics from witchcraft and paganism, to the Tarot and Metaphysics. 




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