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Your Daily Numerology Mood Organizer   

by Vitae Bergman

Every day offers you a new vibration for your work or play. If you follow your biorhythms, you have a sense of how your energy is flowing for a particular day.

Numerology offers you an alternate means for knowing your mood for a particular day.

If you know your Soul Desire Number you can play this game.

This energy expression comes from your deepest inner self. It filters through your emotional feelings as it moves, or attempts to move into expression.


Combine your Soul Desire number with the current calendar number. If today is December 1, 2005, the energy pattern for the day is calculated thusly:

12/01/2005 = 3+1+7 = 11 = 2. So this is a #2 day.

Combine that number with your Soul Desire number, and you have your daily numerology mood number.


Each letter in the name you currently go by has a corresponding number. You Soul Desire numbers come from the vowels in your name. Add all the vowel numbers in you name. Reduce that to a single digit.

A J S = 1

B K T = 2

C L U = 3

D M V = 4

E N W = 5

F O X = 6

G P Y = 7

H Q Z = 8

I R = 9

My Soul Desire number is #3: Vitae Bergman >i,a,e,e,a >9,1,5,5,1>21>3

SOUL DESIRE NUMBER AND DAILY NUMBER Now I combine my #3 with a particular day. I'll use December 31, 2005. To arrive at the daily number, I add all the numbers of the date in question: 12/31/2005 and reduce the sum to a single digit.

Thus: 12+31+2005>2048>14>5 December 31, 2005, then is a #5 day So, adding my Soul Desire Number, #3 with the date number, #5 yields the #8 energy expression, which has to do with aspects of leadership. This is my mood number.

THIS TELLS ME This is my day to take charge of my life situation and myself. This is not a day for me to sit back and let things slide any way they choose. On this day, I can feel confident that my energies are up to the task of organizing myself and even influencing others, whether that be at work or at home in the public arena. My persuasive powers are high. And since my Soul Desire number is #3, which pertains to creative expression, I can let myself use this inner desire quite effectively on such a propitious day.


If this is a #1 day for you, your best bet is to focus on yourself and what is important in your life. This is not a day in which you can be highly available for others and their needs. No use in trying. Your mood is going inward. It wants to nourish that Soul Desire quality of yours. Do something for yourself that serves to fulfill your Soul's Desire, or just simply spend some time in contemplation - feel what inspirations come to you regarding your Soul's Desire.

If this is a #2 day for you, your mood for the day leans towards cultivating harmonious space - within and well as without. If there is strife in your environment, then you are eager to promote peace. Your need today is to have balance in your life and among those for whom you care. Even strangers will benefit from this mood of yours. This is not a day you are willing to try on new things. If you are a student you are better off reviewing old material rather than learning new material. Same goes for your work. Consolidate old projects; leave new projects for tomorrow.

If this is a #3 day for you, then your creative juices are flowing. Now you are ready to tackle anything new. Listen to your inner promptings for inspiration about those creative projects that have bubbled up into your recent nightly dreams. This is a time to let that energy flow out into expression. If you are engaged in business, this is the day to finalize negotiations. Your flexible mind is at its best. In any interaction with others you will do well. This is a good time to initiate agreements.

If this is a #4 day for you, your energy wants to go into stabilizing, consolidating, solidifying your world, your situation, your inner landscape. Not a day for emotional upheaval, rather a time for calm assessments. Your energy works best working on your foundations. Those around you will tend to look for support, you seem so strong and capable. And you are. You are the rock today.

If this is a #5 day for you, you are eager to be fully active in your work or play. Your energy is high. It's your action day. All that calm assessment of the day before has set the stage for this very active day. Your mood is "Let's get things done!" The world will wonder at your boundless energy. This is a day when you can see your soul's desire getting full expression. Even if you are no fully aware of what that hidden desire actually might be, it seems to come out effortlessly. A good day to pay attention to what and how you are expressing, offering you clues about this desire issue. If you have had a numerology chart made for you, you would have your finger on the pulse.

If this is a #6 day for you, your mood leans toward compassionate expressions. You notice a higher degree of sensitivity toward others and their moods. Your inner heart feels a sweet tenderness during this day. You may be given to reminiscing of times when love and romance were the center of your life. You will be open to expressing good feeling to others more readily. If you are typically competitive, your willingness to let the other fellow win or have his way is more in evidence. Everything about you has softened today. Kindliness is your mood.

If this is a #7 day for you, your inclination leans toward scholarly activities. Your thinking mind is in high gear. This is a good day to learn new things, to develop new schemes in your work. Your intellect wants to soar. Curiosity and optimism is the hallmark of your energy today. If you are spiritually inclined, your metaphysical studies today will bear remarkable fruit. You mind is open to new insights.

If this is a #8 day for you, your energy levels are such that you can lead yourself into new areas of discovery. This is your day to lead a brainstorming session with your colleagues. You can see clearly what needs to be done in your world and you have the power of suggestion working for you as you encourage your team to move forward. All this leadership energy, of course, is in the service of your heart's desire.


If this is a #9 day for you, all your effort of the past eight days are paying off. You've used your energy wisely, following your daily moods instead of attempting to do and be in ways out of sync with the flow of your essence. Consequently, you feel the glow of the #9 energy coming forth form deep within. A benevolent feeling for your fellow man pours forth. This is the kind of day when you are most appreciative of your life and your accomplishments and you are full of gratitude for the life force Source has provided with unconditional love.

About the Author

Vitae Bergman has been a numerologist for over 25 years. He offers a course for beginners who wish to practice the art of numerology and become professional numerologists. You can find him at http://joyfulnumerology.com


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