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Intuitive Healing & Psychic Readings

By Christopher Stewart

Intuitive healing and psychic readings arise from the same source. This source is the human soul. We have all seen the image of the psychic reader, looking into a crystal ball and saying “cross my palms with silver, and your future you shall see”. It is truly sad that this ability which arises from and is named after the soul carries such a poor image.

Living on Earth is a school for the soul. Each person makes a contract with spirit to learn and experience certain facets of life. We all live out the lessons our higher self has planned for us so that we may evolve to a higher state of being.

At times you may wonder, “what was I thinking when I chose this way” or “why does it have to be so hard?” It is through this training that our being grows. Even though you have chosen the life path for yourself, you do have free will. It is like having a room full of furniture, how you arrange it and use it is completely up to you.

So why would you want to have a psychic reading?

To see whether you are “on track” in your life plan.

Seeing what actions that others in your life may take.

Selecting the best way forward among many choices.

Scanning your body for health and wellness.

Questions of romance, career, family and relationships for yourself, loved ones and family.

During a psychic reading, providing a clear timeline can be difficult at times. The timelines are the most accurate when the events are under your control. When others are involved, their actions contribute to changing the timeline.

A psychic reading is like being given a map for the journey ahead. You will need to make the journey yourself, and will experience all of it; however, you will have a map. This map will provide the sense of direction for you and help heal any of the problems along the way. Remember that there are many ways to journey from one place to another in your life.

How would Intuitive healing work for you?

Intuitive healing is the ability to use the information from the soul level in order to heal the various energy bodies of the person. It does not matter if the problem lies within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Intuitive healing will be able to sense the imbalances of the body and to help release the storehouse of pain, tension and energy patterns that causes so much suffering.

Since the earliest times, traditional medicine from the east or west, has known that we are spiritual beings who are made up of both physical and energetic elements. We are the embodiment of our belief systems and environment.

Intuitive healing carries the psychic reading one step further. Intuitive healing is a process that expands upon the information provided in a reading to include the experience to shift what is causing energy blockages within the body. Some may be directly connected to an event or trauma. These energy blockages create a restriction or break in the energetic pathways of the body.

Intuitive healing focuses on balancing the human body’s energy system on emotional and physical layers. It is the combination of the psychic reading or intuitive consultation along with emotional release, physical realignment and energetic restructuring that creates the holistic health of the person. The intention of intuitive healing is to awaken your own intuitive awareness to heal your body, heart, mind and spirit. It is truly the heart of healing.

© 2005 Christopher Stewart

Christopher Stewart is a Medical Intuitive. His work is the healing of heart, mind, body and spirit. You may visit Christopher’s website at http://www.clairvoyantguide.com for further information and to schedule a private consultation. You also may look for frequent updates to his blog at: http://intuitiveliving.blogspot.com/

He is the featured author of the weekly column “Ask a Medical Intuitive” at http://healing.about.com/b/a/201292.htm


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