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Creating Your Personal Herb Journal

Your herb journal will become one of your most prized reference books, provided you record accurate and detailed information in it. 

Use a note book or hard covered journal for your herb work. Make it yours. Personalize it in any manner you choose. Take a moment, use your psyche and enhance it in a way that enhances its value to you. Decorate it, glue or decoupage pictures and images to it, flower petals, leaves, crushed herbs or any other thing that makes the book more special for your use. 

Divide your book into sections including herbs, fruits, trees, spices, etc. Whatever divisions work for you. Alphabetical listings are a good idea if you intend to go further and study many herbs. All herbs have planetary astrological associations, a base elemental (earth, air, fire, water) and a gender. These should be recorded in your journal along with all other information on the herbs that you gather and find useful. 

Whenever you do any type of herb work or magic, record what you did, how it made you feel, the intent and your thoughts on it.  Always leave space to later record an outcome to your work.  Most important in any journal work is to ensure that your book is comforting and reflects you. Your interaction with your journal will grow stronger.

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About The Author
Janet Thompson
has been writing for over 35 years and is published in many formats including in-print books, print articles, online publications and poetry and erotica collections. Her new age writing covers a wide variety of topics from witchcraft and paganism, to the Tarot and Metaphysics. 



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