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With Crystals 


Certain crystals have particular energy to enhance meanings that correspond to their power. Choose your crystal with the power you wish to be in touch with and wear it around your neck or in a pouch hung in your room or under your pillow.


When there are changes happening in your life this crystal helps you relax to sort out the past and start a new beginning with strength to empower you


This crystal will help you to relax and get in touch with your spirituality. Wear it around your neck or carry it in a pouch on you

Blue Lace Agate:

Carrying this crystal on you will bring confidence and hep you become one with yourself and accept the imperfections in others


Placing this crystal under your pillow before you sleep, or worn around your neck will enhance prophetic dreams and build your psychic powers

Clear Quartz:

Carrying this crystal will enhance the good nature within yourself and spread it to those you touch

Gold Tiger Eye:

This crystal will help you relax to clear your mind from delusion and irrational thought. It's best to carry Gold Tiger Eye with you at all times and place one under your pillow


To harmonize your spiritual with your physical self. Meditating with this crystal is ideal as to have one under your pillow will enhance prophetic dreams

Red Jasper:

Hold the crystal in your left hand before bed and chant your wish ten times. Place the crystal under your pillow and you should dream about your wish and whether it will materialize

Rose Quartz:

Hold this crystal in your left hand and think about your fantasy wedding. Place the crystal under your pillow and sleep on it. You will soon dream of your true love. The one who will be truly trustworthy

Snow Quartz:

This crystal is for cleansing. Place it under your pillow while you sleep and carry it around your neck or in a pouch to cleanse you from impure thought and to protect you from wrong doing


Wear this crystal around your neck or in a pouch for protection from negative energy. Place it under your pillow while you sleep to absorb nightmares 




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