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Charging An Herb For Your Use
Discovery of your interaction with it

Charging is the act of mixing your own energy with that of the thing you are charging. Anything used for magical work should be charged.

To charge an herb is a process of reverence. You must acknowledge the gift of nature, understand that it will benefit your work and be willing to take its own force into you.

Take a small portion of the herb in your dominant hand. Cover it lightly with your other hand. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Calm all other thoughts in your mind. Breathe in fully and breathe out completely.   

Begin to focus in on the herb between your palms. Visualize the energy from it as one color and your own as another. Concentrate and picture the energies or colors slowly mixing, swirling together and becoming one. Feel the pull of the mixed energies enter you and move up your arms. Color visualization is one of the easiest forms. Focus all your thoughts on the colors blended together, moving throughout your body. This will take some practice so donít be discouraged if the visualization is not strong on the first attempts. Keep practicing and it will get stronger as you progress. 

Note - To help with your visualization, take a small pinch of the herb, crush it between your fingertips and release its scent. Take in that aroma. Your mind will file it as information and you will be able to use the scent to enhance your perception of the herbís vibrational energy. 

Once the herb is charged (or fully fortified with your energy) it is ready for use.



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