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Sage - a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and air is its element.

Sage is used in magic for wisdom, psychic awareness, long life and protection. As secondary aspects, spells for money use sage. But, by far, its most potent aspect is wisdom and learning. Sage is often bundled tightly into smudge sticks and burned as a scent.

Sage is one of the most useful herbs we can work with.  For long life, for strong healing, for prosperity, for protection and for the sight. I utilize sage in many many powerful spells.

Sage can be crushed and put in a little bag to carry with you.  It can be steeped into a tea and used to wash the doorknobs to protect the entrances of a home.  

Cleansing an area with sage smudge is a potent manipulation of energy.

There is a reason the word "sage" means wise.  Learning the wisdom of Sage is an important part in a witch's education.  Because of the versatility of sage in spell casting, learning about it is like carrying a first aid kit for the spirit.



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