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A Little About Me -

Growing up with old world European influences taught me to appreciate the psychic gifts that have been passed from generation to generation in my family.  My father, Transylvanian born, gave me my first Tarot deck at the age of eight.  My mother, with both Irish and Scottish heritage, spent much of her time reading cards for fun.  She read a regular deck of playing cards with amazing accuracy and insight. She and her mother taught me to trust my intuition and maintain a deep faith, while my paternal Romanian Rom grandmother taught me "Old Wives"  ways as her mother taught her.

From an early age, I could hear (clairaudient) and feel energies (clairvoyant), smell scents and "know" things (clairsentient - Intuitive feeling or knowing. Sometimes this can include the ability to perceive odors, tastes, emotional feelings or touch).  

Strange occurrences have followed me through my life.

I have been doing psychic readings and spiritual/craft counseling for over forty years.  I love using my Tarot and I also use pendulums, the runes and spirit writing and psychic art.






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