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Thank Heaven For Little Girls and Tom Boys

I have a beautiful daughter who just turned 12.  when she was little she was Mommy's little princess.  She loved to wear girly dress up clothes.  However, when she turned 8, she began wearing very boyish clothes and hasn't stopped.  She even wears a ball cap.  Should I push her to wear girly clothes? Will that make things worse? I want my little girl back.

Oh Mom, we feel for you.  It's hard to see our little ones change in their ways, especially when it had so much to do with us.

She's chosen her own style for now.  No one knows if it's forever, not even her.  She's comfortable with this look at the moment.  Maybe it makes her feel less gawked at.  Her age begins the more visual signs of puberty for girls and perhaps this is her way of staving off the inevitable.  

You've very likely raised a strong minded young woman and the clothes do not make the individual.  She's still your girl.  With a bit of a different theme for the time being.  

Go give her a hug and remind her of how proud you are of her.







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