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Really Love Him

I've been pining for a particular man for months now. We occasionally run into one another and it's always very magical when it happens.  He has nobody in his life and I would like to know if I will eventually be the one he starts a romantic relationship with.


The question is, what resistances do you have to a relationship with this person, that is holding the whole thing at bay?

You've nailed down your desire.  You can feel the two of you together and it feels right...except for something.  Something that you know isn't right about the two of you or your lives.  Perhaps the timing isn't the best, or one or the other of you is dealing with baggage or issues.

There are resistances.  

Once you can glean what they might be, you can work on your own sense of Self and your progress on your journey.  Turn to the self first.  Relax any issues with the self, take care of the self physically and buoy the self's spiritual side.  

Once your own resistances are squared away, it's a possibility that you'll be very ready for a relationship with an entirely different person.  This one may well come with way more baggage than you want at this point.





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