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Old world gypsy Love Spell
Try this old Transylvanian love spell. Strong and effective, like the gypsy love spells through the ages.

Old World gypsy money Spell
This prosperity spell has been used for centuries or so the old wives tales go (and I trust old wives greatly, having seen their awesome power).

Herb Folklore
Throughout the centuries, herbs, spices, and plants have provided many practical uses. Many myths and legends have also become associated with herbs. 

psychic emerald gypsy advice and wisdom
Gypsy witch wisdom & advice

Gypsy Caravan
Gypsy Caravan

The Romany People - Part 1
The Romany are as diverse a people as any other cultural group, but share many things in common with each other.  Their traveling lifestyles were born of necessity and their cultural traditions grew from there.

Candle Burning to Petition the Female Saints
Here they are, our Ladies of Mercy and Divine Benevolence. Petitioning the Saints for Special Favours

Increase Your Psychic Awareness
Any form of ‘Psychic Awareness’ allows the person possessing it to see and sense events beyond what is immediately occurring around us, or what is ‘Obvious’. 

Gypsy Roma - Fact and Fiction
The technical term for a gypsy is Roma. Originally the Roma came from India, which can be traced back through their language and culture.

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Transylvanian Cheese Herb Butter     veal / Chicken Paprikash

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